About - Jenn Brango


Hi I am Jenn Brango, also known as the “the girl with the arms”

I am privileged to partner with my husband Mike; coaching and learning from our “gym family” in our home away from home Only Results Fitness in Phoenixville PA.

My story reads like many young girls, with body image issues.  I was that girl that struggled as a kid, bullied for being slightly overweight and having a big “fat” butt.  That same young girl, at the age of 12, tried to diet away all those nasty comments, never truly satisfied with the “perfect” weight.

My life journey looked like a roller coaster; either I was on or off my diet; up, down, turned all the way upside down. And at the age of 27 , I had to start learning how to get off that roller coaster ride; when my thyroid was done and my body ached with constant pain from fibromyalgia,

Now after 30 years of digging, learning, failing and always willing to get back up, I tell my story.  Today I choose to see all the lessons that I have been taught to help me grow and learn, into a person of purpose.

Each day I am free to choose a life of passion, love and intention. I choose to no longer ride that dieting roller coaster ride.

And my purpose today, is to stand alongside others, cheering them on, as they get off that ride and find a life that is filled with so much more than the next “diet”.

And for my arms, I accept they look great, it’s nice to get a compliment, I can accept it, but it’s not necessary for me to be defined by that compliment.

Below are some of my accomplishments/training/education




Transformation 3


2004 NGA Miss Natural Philadelphia Women’s Overall Winner in Bodybuilding

2004 NGA MidAtlantic Women’s Overall Winner in Bodybuilding

As for my education, well let’s just say it is varied, showing how I want to be the best for those who need and want my help.

My Degrees and Certifications include:

  • Coaching – Olympic lifting for Sports Performance
  • Functional Movement
  • Metabolic Effect Nutrition Coach and Group Instructor
  • Exercise for Seniors
  • TRX Group/Personal Training
  • Adventure Boot Camp Coach
  • Personal Trainer I &II
  • Indoor Cycling
  • Group Training for Kids
  • Kickboxing,

as well as a Bachelor’s Degree from West Chester University