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Looking for an awesome workout

We all need a coach, even coaches need a coach in order to be better and always keep it fresh.  When Mike and I were in Asheville we drove to Winston-Salem to get in an awesome workout at the Metabolic Effect Fitness Center  with Dr. Jade Teta. Our workout consisted of dips, for 10 minutes, […]

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Quick Balsamic Chicken Marinade Total Time Saver

So here is a quick recipe for a Balsamic Chicken marinade I use most weeks. It works really well to let the chicken soak it up at least 4 hours or even overnight. This marinade can be used for 4 chicken breasts. No worries if you are not a cook, I am not a gourmet […]

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Eating within 15 min of waking Don’t eat before working out Fast for 12-16 hours for great fat loss results Eat right after working out Truth be told, all and none of these concepts work. Bear with me a minute while I explain. Several years ago I was introduced to intermittent fasting. It really was […]

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“We as humans are scared, ignorant and lazy”

Have you ever been in a room full of people and know you probably are the most unremarkable out of the group?  Totally awed by genius, beauty, and drive just flowing from their pores.  Well that was me this weekend in September. That is most certainly not a jab at my self esteem, it is […]

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“What’s a burpee”

Experiencing aches and pains on a regular basis when you are in the fitness industry is normal and I am getting a little older so it is to be expected.  The one thing that I do know and would never ignore is if the pain is acute (off the charts painful) or persistent then its […]

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