About - Jenn Brango


Hi I am Jenn Brango, also known as the “the girl with the arms”

Hi my name is Jen Brango, “the girl with the arms”

I am a Woman Entrepreneur 12 years in the business of Fitness. As a Woman Entrepreneur in the Fitness Business, I have had the unique experience of living out my dream and also dealing with the consequences of that dream.

I still own my Brick and Mortar gym, however I have pivoted my focus to go Online.

My expanded mission is all about working with other Women Entrepreneurs and GO GETTERS, to help them find harmony in their personal and working lives.  See, so many of the women I meet, that are Entrepreneurs and GO GETTERS remind me of myself, constantly BURNING ourselves out, and living a life by reaction not choice.

And so many times that BURN OUT includes their health, specifically their Metabolism.

You may wonder why is this my mission….
Well within the 12 years of being a Woman Entrepreneur, I learned a ton about Business and how it can affect me as a Woman and the relationships in my life (especially my relationship with myself).

Being a Business Owner, taught me a ton about my relationship with my HEALTH and more specifically my METABOLISM as a WOMAN…

Absolutely don’t disagree with making money, so I can continue to do the work I love to do.

AND after so many years in business, working directly with women on their health, I found a correlation the greater her health, the greater her sense of peace, calm and flow about her life and her work.

With the ever changing landscape of business and the exponential growth of Women Entrepreneurs, and more WOMAN doing it all,  I saw a trend in how things were being done and how things may need to change.

The Business programs, Business masterminds and Business Groups, I joined or participated felt heavily masculine in nature. They failed to address the Women, and our needs as Women to be HEALTHY in Business and in our LIFE.

MY mission came from my own experience as a BURNED OUT WOMAN BUSINESS OWNER… all these years through trial and tribulation, through my own struggles as a GO GETTER, Woman Entrepreneur, burning myself out and slowly coming back… and I now KNOW it doesn’t have to be that way… 

My goal is to make sure no other woman has to struggle like me… 

Every day I encounter women who feel as if they HAVE TO DO IT ALL, in order to “succeed” in life, yet they are losing sleep, gaining unnecessary weight, feeling out of control around food and fail to the have any energy to lead a life they desire or love.

That is why I have created a 90 Day Program for Women Go Getter’s/ Entrepreneurs, walking through all the steps and strategies I have personally used, from Metabolic Burnout to KickASS in your LIFE and WORK…

IF this sounds like you and you want to stop the BURNOUT then click on my link and let’s schedule a call…http://bit.ly/2KEoPPk