Well here is the first draft of my Anti Meal Prep Meal Plan.
Wake up drink 16 oz of water..  then MRM BCAA, Isagenix Greens, Ionix Supreme
Meal 1 Almonds 20-30, 18-20g whey protein
Snap Kitchen egg takeaway meal (20-40g of protein), low carb (10g or less)
Meal 2 (if after my workout) Protein Meal Replacement (20-40g of protein should have at least  20g of carbs in the ingredients)
Meal 3 Take out meal Snap Kitchen Lunch (low carb 10-11g, 20-40g protein)
Rotisserie Chicken (20-40g of protein) on spinach (a couple of cups), and at least 4 other veggies thrown in.
Meal 4  2-3 Hard boiled egg whites 1 whole egg, 1-2 cups of green fibrous veggies (good options can be green beans, spinach, broccoli)
Protein Bar (20g protein or higher, carbs should be 10g or less) with 10 almonds
Meal 5 Salad with rotisserie chicken, (at least 20 g of chicken, 2-3 cups of mixed greens, cabbage, mushrooms, peppers and any other water based vegetables) dressing of your choice 2-3 tbsp.
Meal Replacement (36 g protein, 5-10g fiber, 21g carbs)
Snap kitchen meal (30-40g of protein, low carb no higher than 14 g)+ small salad greens and mix of veggies
Here is the thing… this is just an example of what you can eat.  In no way is it meant to diagnose, treat or fix any medical conditions..  
Right now I am in the process of tweaking and trying out more meal plan ideas (with as little or no prep as possible).
If want to talk about getting off those crazy “dieting” meal plans, crazy workouts and how to figure out what you can do to find your best plan I would like to help. Feel free to contact me at

About the Author Jenn Brango

As a female entrepreneur and fitness professional, I have traveled a varied journey through this crazy world of fitness. I started my own journey as a young 12 year old seeking to find the perfect acceptable body. My own personal plan, started the fire, of self-accomplishment and empowerment, however it took a lot of twists and turns in my life journey, taking me from my 12 year old self to a woman in her 20’s diagnosed with fibromyalgia and hypothyroidism; to begin the process of finding my true purpose of today. It took those health issues to help me find my way back to rewrite my story. I use my journey and personal experiences of many ups and downs in health, to work right beside my clients to help them achieve their best self.

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