Metabolic HIIT A - Jenn Brango

Metabolic HIIT A

Here is a quick 20 minute metabolic workout you can do at home or in a gym with one set of dumbbells.

Keep in mind this is a total body workout and can be done a maximum of 3 x a week.

Before you start watch the video for form.  I have also attached a PDF for you to download and print for your convenience.

Have a great workout and let me know how you do.



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Download Workout Instructions

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As a female entrepreneur and fitness professional, I have traveled a varied journey through this crazy world of fitness. I started my own journey as a young 12 year old seeking to find the perfect acceptable body. My own personal plan, started the fire, of self-accomplishment and empowerment, however it took a lot of twists and turns in my life journey, taking me from my 12 year old self to a woman in her 20’s diagnosed with fibromyalgia and hypothyroidism; to begin the process of finding my true purpose of today. It took those health issues to help me find my way back to rewrite my story. I use my journey and personal experiences of many ups and downs in health, to work right beside my clients to help them achieve their best self.

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